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Beth Blaney

& Associates

Bookkeeping & Remote Office Support
For Small Businesses & Solopreneurs 


At Beth Blaney & Associates our top concern is providing small businesses and solopreneurs freedom from the number-crunching and office work that pulls them from their fields of expertise. We relieve our clients of the demands of running an office so that they can find freedom to focus on what they love to do. We alleviate the stress and chaos that can accompany bookkeeping and office tasks. We also keep up with new regulations so you don't have to!

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Contact us to set up a phone consultation. During a brief call we will establish your administrative needs and devise a work strategy. We will collaborate to identify what tasks you need to outsource, how our services can best assist you and suggest a plan to meet your goals.





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  • bookkeeping, beth blaney, virtual executive assistance
  • bookkeeping, virtual executive assistance

What Our Clients Say

Beth has brought order to my bookkeeping chaos! She and her team are efficient and reliable. As an over scheduled business owner, I am grateful to know that this part of my business is in capable hands.

- Liz Frazier -


If you’re looking for an incredible bookkeeper and small business consultant please meet Beth Blaney. She has literally transformed my professional and personal finances and I trust her implicitly. She’s the best! Couldn’t live without her!

- Evan Kirstel -


If you are taking your company to the next level, Beth Blaney & Associates are the trusted and dedicated bookkeepers you want on your team. We have been impressed from day one with the amount of help they provide business owners! They have ensured all my company's expense income and transactions are recorded and have reconciled our financial accounts. I only wish I started using them sooner! Our company was so impressed, and to top it off, we have already received our 2020 tax returns thanks to Beth Blaney & Associates. In addition to outstanding bookkeeping services, I receive expert advice and executive assistant services to allow me to spend more time with my clients. 

- Kristin Pacelli -


I had been putting my book cleanup and account maintenance on the bottom of my to-list for an absurd amount of time, mostly due to embarrassment of my lack of QuickBooks acumen plus dread of an anticipated mountainous project. Beth whipped me into shape in no time and instilled a massive amount of bookkeeping know-how upon me, serving it all up with the perfect amount of intelligence mixed with humor. She squashed my fear and gave me the confidence to know that my books are up-to-date, clean, and that I have an actionable, and most importantly feasible, plan going forward. I will never trust my books to anyone else and neither should anyone reading this review!

- Lindsey Egan -


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